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Competitive Prices & Fast, Reliable Service

You can order your contact lenses by telephone or in our office.

Telephone: Call us at (727) 734-8843
In-Office: Stop by our office during regular business hours

Free Shipping:

In most cases, if you order a year’s supply of soft lenses at once (which gives you the best price) you will also receive free shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Rebates / Discounts / Pricing:

Our system will automatically send any rebate information to you and apply the same competitive prices and discounts you would receive in our office.

Ship Anywhere:

We will deliver to any address you indicate in the U.S.

General Contact Lens Order Information

Competitive Prices

Our prices often beat superstore and online retailer prices.

Manufacturers Rebates: Lens manufacturers usually offer exceptional deals for patients that order 6 months – 1 year supply at one time. Generally these rebates are only available at the time you have your exam and/or follow-up contact lens fitting – and the largest rebates are only available at your doctor’s office.

Discount on Annual Supply: Our office offers a discount of $20.00 when an annual supply of disposable lenses is purchased. This discount is available in addition to the manufacturer rebate(s).


Unlike most contact lens retailers, through our private practice you can sometimes return or exchange unopened unmarked boxes of contact lenses (purchased from our office). We will always replace all torn or defective lenses. And, if your Rx changes during the year, we will exchange any unopened boxes for the new Rx, after the doctor’s examination.

Order Time

In-Stock: We keep a number of the most popular brands of lenses in stock, and can dispense those immediately.

Email, Telephone & In-Office: Contacts typically come into our office within 1-2 business days from the time you place your order. Or, for a small additional fee, we can ship your lenses directly to any address you provide.


By law, and in order to protect your health, to order contact lenses we must have a current prescription on file. Most extended wear prescriptions are valid for 12 months and daily wear soft lens prescriptions are usually valid for 24 months.


We would be happy to ship your contacts to you. Shipping is usually FREE when you purchase a year’s supply at one time.

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